Dr. William A. (Bill) Hanna

Name: William A. Hanna
Job Classification: Engineer/Scientist 6
Title: Technical Fellow-Electronics/Software
Principal Investigator: Advanced Avionics R&D

B.Sc. EE Cairo University; Cairo, Egypt July 1976,
B.Sc. (Pure) Math; Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt; June 1969
M.S.-EE (Math minor); Iowa State University; Ames, Iowa December 1971
Ph.D. EE (CS minor); Montana State University; Bozeman, MT; May 1974

Function: Advanced Systems & Technology- Phantom Works (AS&T-PW)
Boeing; St. Louis, Missouri
Address: MC: S102-1310
P.O. Box 516
St. Louis, MO 63166-0516
Phone: (314) 233-1678
Emaill: william.a.hanna@boeing.com

1. Design Manager for Small UAV Mission Planning & Controls (H/W & SW) (2002-Present)
2. Avionics Leader for Preliminary Development of Avionics Subsystem for MALD ( Miniature Air-Launched Decoy ); Job included planning and supervision of work in Software, Electronic Hardware, and Digital Controls.
3. Design Manager and implementer for the Controls (H/W & SW) of the IntelliBus (Intelligent Bus); A Boeing invention for the controls and distribution of digital information for up to 1024 sensors at variable data rates (2000-2001).
4. Design of Digital Interface (H/W & SW) for ITRAN Communication over Power Line Modem using VHDL Tools; 1999-2000. We have a working design in the AAC Lab. 1999-2000
5. Improving Data Communications in Avionics by using new approaches to data communications such as RF, IR, and COMM over Power Line for Avionics. 1998.
6. PI for Howard University R&D Avionics Project (Howard university CS Dept.). Investigated, modified, and measured the performance of Fibre Channel (ANSI 3T8) software and drivers (firmware) for high speed communications (above 1 Gbps Serial Comm); 1996-1999.
7. Insertion of COTS Avionics into Boeing Products. IRAD work resulted in the selection of C++ (to replace Ada), VxWorks (A Unix Subset) to replace proprietary OS, VME (Versa Module Electronics, a European Standard for parallel I/O) to replace proprietary parallel bus and arbitration, Power PC (to replace embedded proprietary military microprocessor). Products developed by Dy-4 (commercial electronics vendors) for three platforms, namely, F/A-18, AV-8B, and F-15. This VME product is replacing Mission Computer and Display Processor Military Hardware with more affordable Industrial Hardware; The corresponding software is C++ based to replace assembly language code; 1996-1998.
8. Team Leader for the testing of FC (Fibre Channel) communications systems for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) of boards, cables, and subsystems.1996.

Previous Experience
1. Developed Methodology for ASICS Validation & Verification using VHDL (an Ada Subset) under AF Contract based on the experience with Kaiser Electronics and Hughes Radar Systems Group; 1996.
2. Validation and Verification (V&V) of 7 ASICS in the F-15 Radar Upgrade (APG63V1). Worked with Hughes Now Raytheon Radar Systems Group on developing tests in VHDL (an Ada Subset) for the V&V of all New ASICs; 1995-1996
3. Worked with Kaiser Electronics, San Jose, CA on Validation & Verification of 7 ASICS in the F/A18-E/F new Displays Controls MPCD & UFCD. 1994-1995.
4. Team Leader IRAD; Development of ASICS for Multiprocessor System for Avionics; 1993.
5. Technical manager of the design of the Fiber Optic Link for the Space Station that was developed based on 30-Years Use in Space requirement. Also supervised the development of a prototype of a fiber optic distribution network for digital video with a bandwidth greater than 500 MHz requirement. 1992-1993.
6. Team Leader IRAD, Development of Analog/Mixed Signals ASICS, GaAs ASICS; Power Converter Hybrid, and FPGAS for Advanced Air to Air Missile and Laser Altimeter. 1988-1991
7. Team leader on the development of McDonnell Douglas 1750A Microprocessor Chipset, the MD281 and the follow on of the MD281 including several missile and aircraft mission computers. We developed the first reconfigurable guidance and Navigation system using Xilinx FPGAs in 1987. 1981-1988

Teaching Experience
1. Advanced Computer Systems Design/Computer Systems Architecture courses at the University of Missouri Rolla-St. Louis Graduate Engineering Center as Adjunct Professor EE/Computer Engineering (EE-314, 315, 414, 415).
2. I also teach two VIP (Voluntary Improvement Program) courses at Boeing on the Use of VHDL (an Ada Subset). Under VIP taught VHDL to over 250 engineers in the last 10 years.
3. Taught Operating Systems Design using Pascal at Boeing, VIP Program (1982-1984).
4. Taught Programming with Style, Boeing VIP (1983).
5. Taught Electronics Design, SIU-E (1985-1989).
6. Taught Mathematics, EE, and CS (Basic, APL) at Cairo University, Iowa State University, and Montana State University (1967-1974).

Author and/or co-author of over 60 published Papers and Technical Reports on Electronics (HW & SW) Design and Design Automation. Senior Member of the IEEE, and is a voting member of the Computer Society’s Design Automation Standards Subcommittee (IEEE-DASC).

Previous Employment
Previously a member of the technical Staff at Hewlett-Packard, Loveland Colorado (1974-1981) where I participated and was co-inventor of the first generation of desktop computers, namely HP9825, 26,31,35. Designed hardware and developed operating system and device controls software for the four mentioned products starting trends in the use of unified mass storage controls (drivers software) and the use of PASCAL to replace assembly language for system programming. I also was involved in the certification of 19 pieces of equipment for EMC under the European organization VDE which is more stringent than North American EMC organizations.

William A. Hanna; Ph.D.
Technical Fellow
Boeing Phantom Works
MC S102-1310
St. Louis, MO 63166-0516

Publications (Partial List)
1. W.A. Hanna, D.C. Chaney, M. A. Weeks; “SOC (System on a Chip) Technology Challenges for Aerospace;” Boeing Technical Excellence Fifth Conference (BTEC-5); Seattle, Washington; 22-24 July, 2003.
6. W.A. Hanna; “System on a Chip (SOC) Technology Use to Increase Boeing Products Value: A Presentation of the State-of-the-art in Electronics Design and Design Automation;” Boeing Technical Excellence Fourth Conference (BTEC-4); Anaheim, California; 4-6 February, 2002.
7. W.A. Hanna; “Progress Report: The Use of Multiplexing and Communication Over Power Line(COPL) to Reduce Weight and Size of Wiring and Increase Reliability of Air/Space Vehicles;” Boeing Third Annual Technical Excellence Symposium; Ritz Carleton Hotel, Clayton, MO; February 2001.
8. W.A. Hanna: “The Use of Multiplexing and Communication Over Power Line(COPL) to Reduce Weight and Size of Wiring and Increase Reliability of Air/Space Vehicles;” Boeing Second Annual Technical Excellence Symposium; Beverley Hotel, Beverley Hills, CA February 2000.
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[I also produced 20 IRAD Reports related to COTS Avionics, Advanced Avionics Architecture, Computer Systems Design for Military Aircraft/Missiles, Weapons and Space Radiation Effects on Electronics, Circuit Design, Design Automation, and Military Electronics. These reports are controlled by MDC (Boeing) and DoD].