Hongy Lin, PhD

EDUCATION                               Ph.D. in Ceramic Engineering                                                                                             July 1991
                                                    University of Missouri-Rolla                                                                                        Rolla, Missouri
                                                    M.S. in Mineral/Metallurgy Engineering                                                                             June 1981
                                                    B.S. in Mineral Engineering                                                                                               June 1979
                                                    National Cheng Kung University                                                                                Tainai, Taiwan

EXPERIENCE                               Hokang Technology Inc.  Hsinchu

2013-present                              Chief Operating Officer
                                                      -Responsible AOP and operation management
                                                      -Lead HTS development project


                                                    Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co., St Louis, MO
                                                    Watlow Heater Technology Center
2001-2013                                   Principal Scientist/Team Leader

  • Lead advanced ceramic heater development project, responsible for developing strategic plan, technology roadmap, project management, mentor team member and providing technical expertise and manage development program using stage-gate process.
  • Successfully launched high performance advanced ceramic heater product line Ultramic 600 serving semiconductor, life science, medical and aerospace industries.
  • Establish a lean based manufacturing cell for Ultramic heater line and manage daily operation.
  • Conducted EOC/VOC (environment and voice of customer) to validate minimum viable product for basis of development work.'

1998- 2001                                  Senior Research Scientist

  • Support development of thick film (TF) heaters
    • Developed a low cost termination for stainless steel thick film heaters with higher temperature capability and is currently being used in new TF nozzle heater products.
    • Successfully developed thick film on quartz which leads to a new TF quartz heater product for semiconductor wet chemical processing applications.
    • Developed a thick film on Al heater for cryogenic (-263C), medical and aerospace applications which leads to a qualified product for use in Lockheed Martins’ Joint Striker fighter.
  • Studied contamination of Quartz Heater by investigating diffusion kinetics of Pt and Ag in quartz using XRD, SEM/EDS and PXIE techniques to resolve customer’s concern of impurity for semiconductor in-line liquid heating application.

MO-SCI Corporation, Rolla, MO

1995-1998                            Senior Research Engineer

  • Responsible for product research and development.  Managing R&D projects, acquiring external funding, interfacing with customers, writing
    proposal and technical report, including:
    • Development of biodegradable composites for temporary bone
    • Development of radioactive biodegradable glass microspheres for bio-medical applications.
    • Development of glass seal for Al2O3, AlN, glass substrates and failure analysis for thick film heaters using FEM and microstructure analysis.
  • Managing production of biomedical glass microspheres for blood typing and liver cancer treatment
    • Conducted Research to modify the process which resulted in
      increasing yield of around 300%.
    • Lowered cost of 250% during 3 years and maintained on-time deliveryduring the period.
    • Developed process and test specifications documentation that meet GMP standards

1993-1995                            Research Engineer

  • Investigation methods and process development for manufacturing
    precision spherical glass particle for medical applications.
  • Glass composition and process development for biodegradable chaff.

 University of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla, Missouri

1991-1993                             Post Doctoral Fellow

  • Sintering and microstructure evolution of gel derived ZrO2
  • Crystallization kinetics of glass by DTA/XRD method.
  • Processing and characterization of IR glass/fibers and mid-IN transparent composites.

1988-1991                             Research Assistant

  • Modeling optical properties for transparent fiber composite.
  • Environmental effects on the properties of composite.

Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Materials Research Laboratories

1987-1988                            Research Scientist

  • Development of BaTiO3-based PTC ceramics technology including
    formulation, sintering and microstructure improvement.

1981-1987                            Associate Scientist

  • Study Defect chemistry of donor-acceptor co-doped BaTiO3.
  • Investigated spray drying and ball milling process for Al2O3 and BaTiO3.
  • Sintering, aging behavior and phase transformation of tetragonal ZrO2.
  • Processing and characterization of PAN based carbon fiber.
  • Microstructure analysis of ceramics by XRD, SEM/EDX and TEM.


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