Gerald Williams, PE, LEED

Gerald Williams, PE, LEED® AP, Vice President, is leader of Cannon Design’s
design engineering group designing world class facilities for science and technology,
healthcare, sports facilities and military installations.  He also is a member of the
Products Design group which develops sustainable technologies that function better,
require fewer resources, use energy more efficiently, reduce liability, and help clients
streamline their work process to better achieve their goals and he holds a patent for a
laboratory cooling device which has resulted in dramatic water savings by eliminating
the common practice of using tap water for cooling equipment in laboratories..  

Williams is recognized nationally and was chosen to serve on the Mechanical
Committee responsible for modernizing the 2012 and 2015 National Institutes of
Health Design Requirements Manual (DRM) for Biomedical Laboratories and Animal
Research Facilities. The DRM is the only comprehensive design requirements and
guidance manual for biomedical research laboratory and animal research facilities in
the US.  Considered the “gold standard” for engineers and architects who design new
buildings and renovated facilities, it helps to ensure facilities will be of the highest
quality to support biomedical research.

Williams was one of the first professionals nationwide to earn national accreditation in
Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED®).With an extensive and
accomplished background in mechanical systems and programs for sustainable
design, he has spent 22 years designing innovative and sustainable environmental
control systems for laboratory, institutional, academic and commercial environments.
Numerous honors include the Missouri Society of Professional Engineer’s St. Louis
Young Engineer of the Year Award, and Consulting Specifying Engineer’s National
Top 40 Under 40 Engineer of the Year Award.  He has more than ten Technology
Awards from ASHRAE for Outstanding Design Achievement, and received
International Recognition for Innovative Engineering with the 2013 International S-Lab
Awards-Runner Up in International Sustainable Laboratory Category for the Linde
Environmental Analysis Center | California Institute of Technology for his work with this LEED
Platinum facility at Caltech University in Pasadena, CA.

A speaker at major industry conferences, presenting at the American Society of Heating,
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) conference, Labs 21 Annual
Conference, and the California Public Health Directors Institute, he is also a published author: 
“Justice Facilities Forensic Laboratories – 2007 Addition” for the ASHRAE HVAC Applications
Handbook; “Restoring Power” was featured on the cover of the summer 2012 issue of High
Performance Building Magazine, and College Planning & Management Magazine featured his
article “Laboratories: Solving the Challenge of Water” in the April 2013.

Williams holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of
Missouri-Columbia, has extensive training in HVAC Design from the Air Force Institute of
Technology graduate program, and is an Adjunct Professor for the Missouri University of
Science & Technology in Rolla, Missouri, where he has taught graduate engineering courses on
Environmental Control Systems since 2008, sharing his passion for innovation in engineering
systems design to hundreds of engineering students.

He is Past President and member of the Board of Governors of the American Society of
Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers, St. Louis Chapter and currently serves
on the National ASHRAE Handbook Committee for the revision, addition and updating of the
ASHRAE Handbook.