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Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla, 1986.
M.S. in Civil Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla, 1980.
B.S. in Civil Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla, 1979.



Wilson Engineering, LLC, St. Louis, Missouri

Dr. Wilson is part-owner and president of Wilson Engineering. As the Company’s Principal engineer, he provides consulting services to commercial, government, and legal clients. Responsibilities include forensic hydrology and hydraulics, water resources modeling, technical software development, and expert consulting and testimony.

Missouri University of Science & Technology Engineering Education Center

As Adjunct Associate Professor, Dr. Wilson teaches graduate courses including: Advanced Hydrology, Hydrologic Techniques, Hydraulic Structures, Urban Hydrology, and Water Resources Engineering. He was given the Outstanding Professional Engineer in Education Award in 2008.

The Clayton Engineering Company, St. Louis, Missouri

Dr. Wilson was elected to the Board of Directors in 2003. In 2006, he was elected the Vice President of Engineering.

As a Senior Engineer, Dr. Wilson managed water resources and environmental projects in the Midwest and nationwide. Responsibilities included analysis and design for a variety of projects including low-level radioactive waste siting, water quality modeling, erosion/sedimentation control planning, watershed hydrology, hydraulic routing, dam safety studies, and flood plain hydraulics. Dr. Wilson also provides expert testimony and consulting on a variety of water resources issues.

Law Companies, Inc., Kennesaw, Georgia and St. Louis, Missouri

As a Principal Water Resources Engineer, he performed a variety of technical tasks relating to water resources engineering. In addition to project responsibilities, he was Water Resources Engineering Department Manager for 12 professionals. Dr. Wilson also acted as Water Resources Program Consultant and Chief Engineer, responsible for quality assurance for all projects within the St. Louis office as well as employee development and training.

The Clayton Engineering Company, St. Louis, Missouri.

As a Project Water Resources Engineer, Dr. Wilson provided technical support in the design and analysis of hydraulic structures including detention basins, culverts, channels, and closed conduits, and commercial site flood plain recovery and permitting. Also responsible for developing microcomputer solutions for field data collection, data analysis, graphics and design, and hydrologic studies.

Hydrologic Engineers, Inc., Rolla, Missouri

As founding partner, worked part-time with this firm while pursuing doctoral degree. Performed hydrologic and hydraulic analyses including advanced computer modeling of earthen dams and dynamic river modeling.

Law Engineering Testing Company, Inc., Marietta, Georgia

As a Staff Engineer, conducted flood plain hydraulic analyses, Phase I and II dam safety analyses and design, surface mining hydrology and diversion channel and sedimentation basin design. Later, transferred to corporate computer group and was responsible for evaluation and purchase of hardware and software and systems and application programming.


The Probability of Concurrent Flooding on the Meramec and Mississippi Rivers, Master’s Thesis, University of Missouri, Rolla, 1980.

Sedimentation Pond Design, (with Larry D. Wayland), Symposium on Surface Mining Practices, University of Kentucky, 1981.

A Continuous Spaciotemporal Stochastic Model for Short-Time- Increment Precipitation, Doctoral Dissertation, University of Missouri, Rolla, 1986.

Concurrent Flooding Probabilities, (with Charles D. Morris), Symposium on Hydrologic Frequency Modeling, V.P. Singh (ed.), 1987.

American Society of Civil Engineers
National Society of Professional Engineers
Missouri Society of Professional Engineers

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