About Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis

Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis (formerly the Engineering Education Center) serves the population of Greater St. Louis providing evening graduate programs in various engineering and computer-oriented disciplines. This service of Missouri University of Science and Technology is mostly intended for working engineers, computer scientists and information specialists interested in enhancing their qualifications and status via acquiring an advanced degree or a graduate certificate.

Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis is located at 12837 Flushing Meadow Drive, St. Louis MO 63131, and is a part of the Missouri S&T Global Learning division. Most of the courses are taught from our West County location, or received from other locations via the Internet. A few courses are taught elsewhere because of availability of space or convenience to students.

When Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis was formed in 1964, it was known as the Graduate Engineering Center and then the Engineering Education Center. In December 2015, its name changed to Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis to reflect the growing role of S&T in bringing teaching, research and professional development opportunities to the greater St. Louis area.

Classes were initially held at Normandy Junior High School, adjacent to the existing campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, as well as at Monsanto, the Corps of Engineers, McDonnell-Douglas and other local industries. Within a few years, offices and most classes were moved to University City High School. As space became available on the campus of the newly formed University of Missouri-St. Louis, offices and classrooms were moved to that campus. The center is managed by a director who reports to the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Global Learning on the Rolla campus. Dr. Anton Brasunas was the founding director of the center, and served from its inception in 1964 until 1983. Dr. Edward Bertnolli was the director from 1983 until 1990. Dr. James Hahn was the director from 1990 until 2000. Dr. Victor Birman became the director of the center in 2000. In September 2012, the facility moved to its current location in West County at 12837 Flushing Meadows Dr., Suite 210, St. Louis, MO 63131.

The courses are taught by resident faculty and by faculty teaching from the main campus via the Internet. In addition, the center employs a limited number of adjunct professors working in industry. All faculty and the majority of adjunct professors hold Ph.D. degrees.

Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis was started in 1964 at the request of St. Louis industry and with the encouragement of local universities. It has awarded over 2,800 master of science degrees.

Classes are scheduled one evening a week for three hours. (Internet classes may differ.) Fall and spring classes are scheduled on a 16-week semester basis with fall semester beginning at the end of August and spring semester beginning early January. Summer classes are held on an eight-week schedule, June through July.

Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis normally offers four to 20 graduate-level courses in each department each semester. In addition, special topics courses are offered periodically. Courses are selected to ensure availability of required courses and to provide for the specific interests of engineers enrolled in our distance programs. Courses taken at the facility may be used in Ph.D. programs on the Rolla campus.

Descriptions of the courses are contained in the Graduate Catalog.