Dr. Victor Birman
Director of Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis
Dr. Victor Birman, Director of Missouri S&T Global-St. Louis

Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,
Missouri S&T Global–St. Louis (formerly Engineering Education Center) has provided services to the Greater St. Louis engineering and computer science communities since 1964. Our center offers graduate degrees and graduate certificate programs to working professionals in a number of areas. Since its inception, over 2,800 engineers and computer scientists gained their MS and PhD degrees at our center and joined the family of Missouri S&T alumni.

It is important to reflect on the advantages of graduate education to working men and women with a bachelor’s of science degree. Some of them (though surely, not all) are listed below

Higher qualification brings you professional and personal satisfaction and recognition

Unless you inherited money from your uncle, succeeded in your own business, or were lucky in Las Vegas, knowledge is the key to your success at work that is ultimately reflected in your self-satisfaction and social status. With the world economy becoming more knowledge-oriented than labor-oriented, this brings social changes (some of them unwelcome, but nevertheless, this is a fact of life and we cannot change it). On the personal level, this means that you need one commodity that is really valued this century, i.e. knowledge in the areas of high demand. This commodity can be acquired through advanced studies, like the programs provided to you by Missouri S&T Global – St. Louis.

Quality of programs

Programs offered at Missouri S&T Global–St. Louis are identical to the corresponding programs on the main campus of Missouri University of Science & Technology.  The courses are taught by faculty (residing in St. Louis or Rolla) and adjunct faculty. Classes taught at our center are transmitted via Internet to distance students and students in Rolla, while other classes are often received via Internet from Rolla. All adjunct faculty hired by the university are screened at their respective departments. This guarantees high quality and effective teaching, as reflected in a number of teaching awards earned by our faculty. Being in our classes, you can be assured of personal attention from both professors and staff. According to a recent student survey, 88% of distance students at Missouri S&T, including students at Missouri S&T Global–St. Louis, would recommend our programs to their peers. Our distance programs were ranked ninth overall and sixth among public universities by the US News and World Report’s 2016 Best Online Programs

Opportunity to study without interrupting your job

Missouri S&T Global–St. Louis has served as a graduate center for working professionals since its inception. The classes taught at our center are scheduled in the evenings; each class is taught once a week. This has proven to be a very convenient schedule for our students. The classes delivered from the Rolla campus via Internet may be scheduled differently. However, all of these classes are archived, so that a distant student enrolled in the class can watch it any time and as often as necessary. All faculty teaching at our center make the convenience of the students their first priority. Notably, many companies provide a full or partial tuition reimbursement recognizing the benefits of a higher education of their employees to the company.

We at Missouri S&T Global–St. Louis are proud of our contribution to the local economy and to the fulfillment of the mission of Missouri S&T.

Victor Birman
Professor and Director